Scheduling Database Consistency Checks (Windows)


You use the DBA Planning calendar to schedule the database consistency check on SAP database. A database consistency check performs a through check of the entire database. It examines all tables in the database to find out whether index and data pages are correctly linked and indexes are sorted in ported order.



       1.      Schedule the database consistency check in the DBA Planning Calendar. For more information, see Scheduling an Action.

       2.      In the Action column, select Check Database Consistency.

There are no parameters to select for this action.

You can also set this action as a recurring job with the recurrence tabstrip.

       3.      When the check has completed, check if has finished successfully in the DBA Planning Calendar. If it is highlighted in red, there are inconsistencies or errors were generated during the check. For more information about the errors, double-click the task.

The program log contains additional information about the task.


·         Error messages for the DBCC check are also written to the file

Program Files\ Microsoft SQL Server\CCMS_CHECKDB_HIST_xxxx.TXT (where xxxx stands for the current year).

If errors occurred, check this file because it contains all messages generated and is easier to read than the list of errors in the DBA Planning Calendar.

·         Some error information is also recorded in the Windows Error Log. To locate the information in the log, look for SQL Server and SQL Executive entries made at the time the task ran.

       4.      If you discover any errors, contact your SAP consultant. You must correct error immediately to avoid serious problems with your system.