SAP NetWeaver Library


SAP NetWeaver provides an open integration and application platform and facilitates the implementation of the Enterprise Services Architecture. You can standardize business processes across technological boundaries, integrate applications for your employees as needed, and access and edit simple information easily and in a structured manner.


SAP NetWeaver is the basis for SAP solutions. mySAP Business Suite is one example of a solution that uses all key capabilities of SAP NetWeaver.


The SAP NetWeaver Library is designed with the following target groups in mind:

Target Group

Substructure of the Documentation


Solution consultants, business consultants

What’s New in SAP NetWeaver 2004s – Release Notes

Overview of the most important new features in SAP NetWeaver 2004s

Solution consultants, business consultants, and other interested parties

IT Scenarios at a Glance

Introduction to the IT scenarios and scenario variants

Overview of IT processes and process steps

Power users

Power User’s Guide

Information about special business tasks and their execution


Technical Operation Manual

Overview of administration tasks and how best to perform them

Security Guide

Overview of security aspects in system administration

Developers and development consultants

Developer’s Guide

Information about processes, functions, and tools for the development of applications based on SAP NetWeaver

Technology consultants

Technology Consultant’s Guide

Information about the installation, upgrade, and configuration of SAP NetWeaver


SAP NetWeaver by Key Capability

BI Content

Reference documentation for SAP NetWeaver tools and functions

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See also:

?     For more information about release restrictions for SAP NetWeaver 2004s, see SAP Note 852008.

?     SAP Note 864172 contains information about corrections made to the documentation after shipment.