Test Workbench


Intensive test phases, with function and acceptance tests in all phases, are essential to the success of an SAP project. This starts with the first implementation of an SAP System and continues through all modifications of the system to customer requirements by customizing, modification, release upgrade and customer developments. SAP provides the Test Workbench to support you in this area.

The Test Workbench is a tool which project leaders and project team members can use in all test phases. You can create and systematically archive manual and automatic test cases with the Test Workbench. You can also monitor the test case creation and create test plans. Finally you can constantly check the progress of individual test cases or an entire test plan. There is a test environment for testers.


The storage of test catalogs, test plans and test packages has changed for Release 4.5A. Test catalogs from previous Releases can be migrated by a program into the new store.

Before you use the Test Workbench, you should make central settings for the test case status and the mail and message systems.


The Test Workbench provides the following functions:

Test preparation

?     Create manual and automatic test cases using the Computer-Aided Test Tool and the Extended Computer-Aided Test Tool

?     Management of manual and automatic test cases in individually structured test catalogs, with the Test Organizer and the Test Repository.

?     Create test plans

?     Integration of test cases and test scripts from non-SAP providers in test plans

?     Definition and management of tests

Perform Test

?     Assign worklists (test packages) to testers

?     Work environment for testers for testing

?     Overview of the test progress with the Status Info System

Test analysis and documentation

?     Documentation of the test phases in the test plans (test cases, results, error messages)

?     Protection of test plans against subsequent changes, for your internal quality assurance or for audits

?     Tabular and graphical analysis of all test plans, in the Status Info System

?     Export test results to office applications

Message management

?     Central access to all Messages created during the tests

?     Filter for test cases with errors

?     Error documentation