Customizing Cross-System Tools (BC-CUS-TOL)


Customizing Cross-System Tools control customizing changes across several SAP systems and clients in the system infrastructure.

Customizing Cross-System Tools:

·        compare customizing settings in various clients or systems

·        manage customizing changes

·        distribute customizing changes

·        check and copy customizing changes

Implementation notes

A large number of people are involved in the development of an SAP system, and transporting and testing customizing changes, so you need to be able to trace and check changes exactly.

Customizing Cross-System Tools support this process.

The system infrastructure usually comprises at least three SAP systems. These are:

·        Development system

For development and customizing

·        Quality assurance system

For testing changes in the development system

·        Production system

For production processing

Apart from the production system, each system can contain several clients. A client is a logical system, an organizational unit with its own data.

The quality assurance system usually has three customer-defined clients:

·        quality assurance test client

·        user training client

·        customizing and development production client

All infrastructure systems are linked by the Change and Transport System, which transports changes between the systems. Changes are usually transported from the development system, via the quality assurance system, into the production system.

The following graphic shows a typical scenario:


This scenario shows the relationships between the Customizing Cross-System tools and other implementation tools.


Although Customizing Cross-System tools are designed to interact, you can also call them individually.

The most important tools are:

·        Customizing Cross-System Viewer

Compares customizing objects in two logical systems (clients in either the same SAP System or different ones).

·        Customizing Transfer Assistant

Transfers client-specific customizing changes between clients. This tool is based on the Customizing Cross-System Viewer, with additional processing and transfer functions.

All tools can compare the contents of customizing tables and views. See Individual Comparison.

The following implementation tools are also used to make changes across several systems:

·        Business Configuration Sets

Set of customizing settings which define a particular aspect of business

·        Change log

Monitors customizing activity changes

See Logging Customizing objects.

·        Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT)

Combines and automates business processes as repeatable test cases.

See CATT: Extended Mode.