Fast Entry in Partner Profiles


Fast entry reduces the number of parameters which must be set in the partner profiles. Default values from Customizing are used for the remaining parameters.

For more information on the meaning of the individual parameters, see: Partner Profiles in the Standard Dialog


You must have configured the default values. They are defined in accordance with the direction and partner type. You can set-up default values as follows:

·        In the transaction SALE ®IDoc Interface/ALE ® Model and Implement Business Processes ® Partner Profiles ® Default Partner Profile Values in the IDoc interface customizing. The corresponding IMG activities are Default Outbound Partner Profiles (WE24) and Default Inbound Partner Profiles (WE27).



       1.      Choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Runtime Settings ® Partner Profiles (WE20).

You can select a partner that has already been created.

       2.      Choose . If you did not select a partner, enter your new partner with number and type here. You should always select the direction.

A list of preconfigured default values in Customizing is available, arranged according to the key field Message type. Message types which are already entered by your partner for the required direction are hidden.

       3.      After you have selected the required message type, the corresponding default values (process code, permitted agents and so on) are transferred for the partner.

       4.      You can adjust individual parameters using the partner profiles in the standard dialog.