Checking Partner Profiles


You can check the entries in the partner profiles automatically. For example, the system checks whether the permitted agents and the process codes exist.


The entries are checked for each partner.



       1.      Choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Runtime Settings ® Partner Profiles (WE20).

       2.      Position the cursor on your partner (identified by the partner number and partner type).

       3.      Choose  and  in the following screen. A list of the check activities and their results is displayed. If errors are found in the partner profiles, a message indicating the source of the error is displayed.

The system always checks whether the additional outbound parameters for Message Control (partner function, application...)

·     Exist

·     Correspond with those from the corresponding outbound partner profile

You can therefore ignore these warnings if you use direct outbound processing (without Message Control).