Creating General Partner Profiles


Data must be available in the system for the partner according to their type (for example, a vendor master record). For more information see Checking Partners by Partner Type.



       1.      Choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Runtime Settings ® Partner Agreement (WE20).

Your partners are divided according to Type (for example vendor). Partner type and partner number clearly identify the partner in the master data.

       2.      Position the mouse on the partner type required (for example, VE for vendor) and choose . Further entries are made in the right-hand area of the screen. Enter the partner number here (for example, one of your vendors).

       3.      You can further divide your partners into partner classes (Classification tab page). You can then define a new message for all partners in one class using the API by creating the message once for the entire class. For more information see Programming Interface (API) for the Partner Profiles.

       4.      Set the partner status to active to communicate with the partner (Classification tab page). You can deactivate communication with this partner by setting the status to inactive. With the template status, the partner profile is valid as an (inactive) sample profile for the partner profile API.

       5.      Define a permitted agent for exceptions (for example, if IDocs are transmitted incorrectly)(tab page Postprocessing: Permitted agent). For more information on agent determination see Rule Resolution in Exception Handling

       6.      You can use the archive indicator to indicate whether documents from this partner have been archived. This indicator is only used for documentation purposes (Classification tab page).

       7.      If your SAP System is connected to the telephone system using SAPphone and your computer is assigned to a telephone extension, you can maintain the partner-specific telephony data (Tab page Telephony). This data can be retrieved from the IDoc Display for the partner, who can then be dialed directly by pressing a button.