Status Process Code


If the external system returns an error status for the IDocs which were sent, an error task is generated.


The following process codes are linked to the following tasks in the standard system:

Status Process Code

Process code


SAP task


Error status received from EDI subsystem for outbound IDoc. The corresponding status record and error message are displayed when the work item is executed.



Like EDIS, apart from when executing the work item you can send the corresponding outbound IDoc again.



You can use the status maintenance function to display or change at which confirmed status the process codes are active:

·        Choose the transaction SALE ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Set-Up System Monitoring ® Display IDoc Status ® Edit IDoc Status Values (WE47).

·        Go into the detailed display of a status. The process code EDIR is stored in the standard system for example for status 07 in frame effect.

If you want confirmations of an “error” status to be processed differently, assign another task to the corresponding error code.

·         Sie pflegen den Vorgangscode Status ьber die Transaktion WE46 (SAP Menь ® Werkzeuge  ® IDoc/ALE ® Administration ®Laufzeiteinstellungen -> Fehler- und Statusbearbeitung.