Inbound Process Code


The processing (workflow or application function module) which reads the IDoc data and generates the corresponding documents is found using the inbound process code.

You must edit the inbound process codes in the following cases:

·        You want to use a new process and need a new process code for it

·        You want to assign different processing to process code X

·        You want to switch the ALE services on or off (this is only possible if the processing is a workflow). Switching off the ALE services can improve performance (lower memory requirement)


The inbound process codes are application-specific. IDoc technology (NetWeaver) includes the process code ED08, which forwards inbound IDocs to distributed SAP Systems (“Forward inbound” function). This processing is defined by the workflow WS30000483.


·         Determine the required process code from the corresponding partner profiles or by choosing SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc/ALE ®  Dienste ®Dokumentation ® Process Code (WE64).

·         You choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc/ALE ® Development ® IDoc ®  Inbound Processing ®Maintain Process Code (WE41).

·         To change an assignment or to make a new entry, choose .