Purpose of Process Codes


Another name for a specific process, for example function module or workflow. IDocs are read or written in this process.


In the partner profiles, the processing is never addressed directly but rather always using a process code. You can therefore replace an old process with a new one for any number of partners by assigning the existing process code to the new process.

Two types of process code are used in conjunction with the partner profiles:

·        Outbound Process Code - if you are using outbound processing under Message Control, the IDoc is generated in the IDoc Interface. The process code names the relevant function module.

·        Inbound Process Code - names the function module or workflow which reads the IDoc data and transfers the data to the application document.

Wenn Sie nicht wissen, welcher Vorgangscode fьr Ihren Geschдftsprozess relevant ist, aber den Nachrichtentyp kennen, so lassen Sie sich die fьr diesen Nachrichtentyp definierten Vorgangscodes anzeigen: Wдhlen Sie SAP Menь ® Werkzeuge ® IDoc-Schnittstelle/ALE ®  Dienste ® Dokumentation ® Vorgangscodes (WE64) oder verwenden Sie die F4-Hilfe in den Partnervereinbarungen, nachdem Sie den Nachrichtentyp eingetragen haben.

There are also the process codes for exception handling:

·        System Process Code - names the workflow which is triggered in inbound or outbound processing when an exception occurs.

·        Status Process Code - names the exception workflow which is triggered when an incorrect status is returned by the external system.

These two types are configured centrally and not on a partner-specific basis and therefore do not have to be maintained when a new process is defined. They were introduced for the sake of completeness, so that each process in the IDoc Interface is addressed using a process code.