Defining Partners


You must maintain the partners with whom you communicate via IDocs in the partner profiles: choose the message to be sent to the partner and define the path to be used, as well as how inbound messages are processed.


·        Master data must be available in the system for partners.

·        A port is also selected in the outbound partner profiles.This port must be configured already. Also see the section Configuring Ports.

Process flow

Standard flow

·         Purpose of Process Codes

First, read this section in order to familiarize yourself with the concept of process codes as part of partner profiles .

·         Partner Profiles in the Standard Dialog

Define the messages to be exchanged and the relevant partners. The configuration must always be extended to include new partners and/or messages when necessary.

·         Checking Partner Profiles

You can check whether the partner profiles you have defined are consistent and complete.

Alternatives to standard flow

·         Fast Entry in Partner Profiles

You copy default values from Customizing. Individual changes are subsequently possible via the standard dialog.

·         Programming Interface (API) for the Partner Profiles

You can also define partners automatically via special function modules.

Other functions

·         Sending Partner Profiles

·         Printing Partner Profiles

Partner profiles cannot be transported. They are maintained in the productive system, after the master data is created.