Configuring Ports


Ports are a fundamental requirement for communicating by means of the IDoc Interface. At least one port must exist for each external system. The figure below shows how IDocs are sent to two receiving systems via three ports.

Using the port version, you inform the SAP System of the release status of the receiving system. For more information, see Communication with Older Releases/Subsystems.


You must also make settings outside the IDoc Interface so that the port can be used. These settings depend on the required Port type and are specified in the relevant subsections.

Process Flow

The process flow depends on the port type. The table below contains application areas and refers to the detail descriptions.

Port Type

 Application Areas

File interface

Link to most EDI subsystems

Transactional RFC

ALE distribution scenarios


Link to R/2 System: Direct communication with an R/2 System (from version 5.0F onwards) is only possible using this port type.

Programming Interface (PI)

The IDoc is not exchanged with an external system but rather with a function module you have written. This means that any dispatch type can be used.