Rule Resolution in Exception Handling


All tasks defined in the standard system for exception handling have a rule for agent determination to restrict the number of possible agents responsible for the concrete exception situation. For this purpose, a function module derives agents from the partner profiles for the incorrect IDoc in rule resolution. If this action fails or if an IDoc does not exist at all yet, the IDoc administrator is determined. Thus, agents with different responsibilities can be determined:

·        For the current partner and the current message (outbound- or inbound partner profiles)

·        For the current partner (general partner profiles)

·        At least for the IDoc Interface (IDoc administration)


The recipients of the work item are the users determined in rule resolution, who at the same time are possible agents of the task for the work item. The recipients therefore form the intersection from the possible agents of the appropriate task and the agents responsible of the appropriate partner profile or the IDoc administration.



For receiver determination you must maintain the following:

·         Partner profiles

·         IDoc administration

·         Agent assignment of the task

If the tasks are maintained as general tasks, the maximum number of possible agents (that is, all users in the SAP System) is available, with the result that a recipient can always be determined (exception: The IDoc administrator is not maintained).


The following table shows the rules supplied with the standard system, with the function module (FM) which is used for rule resolution. The table indicates the tasks to which the standard roles are assigned and describes what happens during rule resolution.

Rule/Function Module

Rule for Task

Role Resolution

Inbound, outbound




TS00008068 (inbound processing error)

TS00007989 (outbound processing error),

TS00008070 (outbound syntax error),

TS00008074 (inbound syntax error)

TS30000207 (error during inbound processing of SYSTAT01)

The permitted agents are determined from the partner profiles. The IDoc administrator is notified if no agent could be found.



TS30000020 (error not assigned to IDoc)

TS60001307 (error during outbound processing of IDoc stack, i.e. output mode “Collect IDocs”)

The IDoc administrator is determined.



TS70008037 (error not assigned to IDoc for outbound MC)

If an application problem is involved (for example if an error occurs when writing the application data to the IDoc), the procedure is the same as in rule AC30000013. If a technical problem is involved (for example if the outbound process code is missing or incorrect), then the IDoc administrator is searched for directly.

Status Confirmation



TS30000078 (error status in status confirmation)

TS70008373 (error during reading of a status file)

The IDoc administrator is determined.