Exception Handling


If errors occur, work items associated with SAP tasks are generated. These work items appear in the Business Workplace of the selected recipient. The tasks are identified by process codes.


Processing using SAP tasks

The tasks for the IDoc Interface are divided according to inbound and outbound processing. Formal errors can occur, for example, during inbound processing, if the partner profiles cannot be found. You can also activate the syntax checks for IDocs in the partner profiles. An error which occurs during such a syntax check is assigned to a special SAP task (see also Exception Handling: Procedure

Exception handling in the IDoc Interface is enhanced in inbound processing with exception handling in the application, which can respond to status "51" (application document not posted).

The recipient of a work item can then correct the error and trigger conversion of the received IDocs again or mark the IDoc for deletion.

Permitted agents

In all exception situations where the sender is defined in the partner profiles, the permitted agents are read from the profiles. If agents are entered for the special logical message, these are notified, otherwise the agents defined for this partner in the general partner profiles are notified.

In all exception situations where no matching partner profile could be read, the agents are determined from the system parameter table ( IDoc administrator). SAP strongly recommends that you enter an agent here.

As an agent, you can enter other organizational units (for example department, job) for notification, in addition to an SAP user name.

In order for the permitted agents to be notified by work item, they must be assigned to the corresponding SAP task. For more information, see Rule Resolution in Exception Handling.

Internal and external error messages

Internal error messages refer to errors in your SAP System. These error messages or error statuses are associated with system process codes (in the IDoc Interface). External error messages are Status confirmations for errors in the external system. They are associated with status process codes. If any internal errors (status 51) are found in the application, the application itself generates the corresponding work item, that is to say, no process codes are used in the IDoc interface here.

Special features of the "file" port type

Files can contain several IDocs. The IDoc Interface reads these IDocs separately and stores them in the database. Therefore, if a read error occurs, only the IDocs which have not yet been saved are affected. The point at which the error occurred is marked. If the error cannot be corrected, the file can be read again manually from the point at which the error occurred. For more information, see Exception Handling: Procedure.

The IDoc Interface starts inbound processing as an asynchronous process in the background. As a result, the data can be received quickly and reliably from the external system.


Exception Handling: Procedure

Error handling is controlled by process codes which refer to SAP tasks. This section provides an overview of the SAP tasks, as well as examples of possible causes of errors.