Direct Outbound Processing


This outbound processing path must be selected for SAP components which are not linked to the Message Control module. Otherwise it is usually used in ALE scenarios, in which, for example, master data is to be distributed among different SAP Systems.


The application is directly responsible for generating the IDoc, that is to say the application data is entered in a certain IDoc type. This can, for example, take place using a separate function module. The recipients are determined by the application or the ALE services. Automatic Message Control is not used here.

In Controlling (CO), a product costing (application component CO-PC) is to be transferred to profitability analysis (CO-PA). The two components are configured in different SAP Systems, that is, a typical ALE scenario. In the transfer transaction, you select the fields from which the application data is to be written directly to the IDoc, for example material, plant, date and costing variant.

For more information, see Direct Outbound Processing: Procedure and Direct Outbound Processing: Technical Implementation for ALE.