Outbound Processing Using MC: Technical Background

A detailed description of Message Control can be found in the SAP Library by choosing Cross-Application Components ® General Application Functions ® Message Control.

·        Message determination: The conditions, under which a message is to be found, are stored in the condition tables . These tables are read in an access sequence . The condition tables also contain the key fields for the application, that is to say, the fields which the application uses to access the condition records (for example the “purchasing organization” and “vendor” application fields in Purchasing). The condition tables are assigned to an output type (e.g. “NEU” (new) for a purchase order from Purchasing). The output types are combined in Procedures, which are assigned to the application (key, for example “EF” for “purchase order”).

This organizational structure allows message determination to run in a structured manner and under complex conditions. The output types and tables and the access sequences and procedures are already defined in Customizing for the relevant application.

The output type is sometimes also referred to as the condition type.

·        Message processing through IDoc dispatch: The central selection program of the Message Control module, RSNAST00, locates and triggers the form routine EDI_PROCESSING in the program RSNASTED in table TNAPR for the selected output type. EDI_PROCESSING reads the partner profiles and uses the process code to determine the function module which is to generate the IDoc. The process code also determines the type of further processing, for example whether the IDocs are to be processed by the ALE service.

The function modules for generating the IDocs are usually called IDOC_OUTPUT_<MT>, where <MT> represents the relevant message type. Depending on the output mode, the generated IDocs are either collected or forwarded for immediate dispatch. If the IDocs are collected, the report RSEOUT00 must be scheduled to forward the IDocs for dispatch.