Processing IDocs


The business data is saved in IDoc format in the IDoc Interface and is forwarded as IDocs. If an error occurs, exception handling is triggered using SAP tasks. The agents who are responsible for these tasks and have the relevant authorizations are defined in the IDoc Interface.


The IDoc Interface supports three types of data flow with the external system:

·        Outbound processing

IDocs are transferred to a receiving system from your SAP System.

·        Inbound processing

IDocs are transferred to your SAP System from an upstream system.

·        Status processing

The follow-on system confirms the processing status of outbound IDocs to your SAP System.

Control records and data records are exchanged in the inbound processing and outbound processing data flows.  Status records are sent in the status processing data flow (exception: status confirmation using the specific SYSTAT01 IDoc type).

For more information see:

·        Exception Handling

Exception handling functions are implemented when errors occur.

·        Rule Resolution in Exception Handling

This section describes how the agents responsible for a work item are determined in the IDoc Interface.

·        Communication with Older Releases

Additional customizing settings may be required.

·        Display an IDoc using XSL style sheet

This section tells you how to display IDocs in XML format.