Inbound Processing of SYSTAT01


Status confirmations using a port of any type are implemented using inbound processing of IDoc type SYSTAT01.


You have maintained the Partner profiles for the logical message STATUS. The process code is called STA1.


Inbound processing takes place using the SAP task TS30000206 . The status records transmitted in the IDoc are credited to the outbound IDocs that they refer to.

If a status classified as incorrect has been transmitted in SYSTAT01 (see Status processing), the corresponding exception handling for Status processing follows for the relevant outbound IDoc.

If not all status records could be successfully assigned to the relevant IDocs, then the inbound IDoc of type SYSTAT01 has the status 52. If none of the IDocs transmitted can be successfully processed, the IDoc has the status 51. In both cases, exception handling for the inbound IDoc is started.

Event STATUSIDOCERROR is also triggered, which has single-step task TS30000207 as its receiver. As recipient you edit the IDoc when executing the work item. You can, for example, change the number of the IDoc to which a specific status record refers and therefore allocate the status to the correct outbound IDoc. You can import the changed IDoc again by choosing Edit ® Process in the display. The system then tries again to process the remaining status records that were not successfully posted. If this is successful, the IDoc is assigned status 53.

If you want to cancel IDoc processing, choose Edit ® Process ® Set delete indicator from the IDoc display