Port Type XML-HTTP: Maintaining the Port Definition

In this port type, you specify the RFC destination and the content type of the XML messages.

       1.      From the SAP Easy Access menu, choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® ALE and EDI ® Administration ® Runtime Settings ® Port Maintenance (WE21).

       2.      Position the cursor on XML-HTTP and choose . Enter a name for the port and confirm your entries.

       3.      Enter an informative text in the definition.

       4.      Select the required content type (text/xml or application/x-sap.idoc).

If you want to send IDocs to the SAP Business Connector, use the content type application/x-sap.idoc. IDocs with this content type are processed automatically using Routing Rules.

More Information

For information on activating inbound processing for IDoc-XML messages, see:

·         XML-HTTP: Activating Inbound Processing