Customizing (BC-CUS)

If a company has decided to implement the SAP System, they must adapt the software to meet their business requirements.

To implement the SAP System, the company sets up project teams that are responsible for project planning and project implementation.

The term Customizing refers to the process of system configuration during which the members of the project teams make the required system settings. In the SAP System, Customizing activities are performed through the Implementation Guide (IMG).

Customizing supports the project teams in the following situations:

Implementing the SAP System

Enhancing the SAP System

in release and system upgrades

Customizing provides the following functions:

The Roadmap as a structure plan for implementing and enhancing the SAP System

·        Tools for making and documenting system settings

·        Recommendations for system settings

·        Customizing projects as a means for controlling the management, editing and analysis processes of the implementation and upgrade projects

·        Support for transferring the system settings from the test system into the production system

·        Support for transferring the system settings by means of Business Configuration Sets in a group rollout

·        Tools for system upgrades and release upgrades

·        Preconfigured industry systems

Customizing does not help you to modify standard SAP functions.

The Customizing functions are divided among the following user roles:

·        project team members

Project team members make system settings and document project progress. To do this, he or she performs project functions.

·        Project administrator

Project administrators create projects in the SAP System, determine the project scope and duration, and coordinate the project team members. To do this, he or she performs project administration functions.