BC - Generate Table Maintenance Dialog

You can generate database table and view maintenance dialogs to maintain customizing data. You can create, change and delete customizing data with these maintenance dialogs. You can also use maintenance dialogs for customer database table and maintenance views.

You can modify maintenance dialogs flexibly to your requirements by defining variants of an existing maintenance view, or adding your own modules to existing maintenance dialogs. You can make further functional enhancements at predefined events in the table maintenance dialog flow. You can collect related data from more than one table/view in a view cluster.

The most important information about view maintenance is below:

Maintenance dialogs

Create a Maintenance Dialog

Time-Dependent Tables/Views

Change a Maintenance Dialog

Extended Table Maintenance Events

Maintenance View Variants

View clusters

Create a View Cluster

Change a View Cluster Maintenance Dialog

View Cluster Maintenance Events

View Cluster Maintenance Variants

Converting generated table maintenance dialogs to Unicode

Unicode Conversion Information

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