SAP License Key


To operate SAP NetWeaver or individual components you need one or more of the following SAP NetWeaver license keys:

·        License type Standard (ABAP license key for components SAP BW, SAP KW, and SAP Web AS)

·        License type J2EE Engine (license key for standalone SAP J2EE Engine)

After you have installed the components, the system is equipped with a temporary license, which is valid for four weeks. During this time you have to apply for a permanent license from SAP and install it.

As of SAP NetWeaver 2004s, in addition to the old type license key of the, there is also a new type license key, which is based on a digital signature. Both types of license key are installed and administered with SLICENSE, as previously, and are available as temporary and permanent license keys. The functions for the new license keys can be found by choosing the New Licenses button and are described in the procedure the same as the existing functions are.

To allow a seamless transition, both types of license keys initially function in parallel after the upgrade. If license keys of the old type were already installed, you can continue to use these. However, we recommend that you also import license keys of the new type, since the license keys of the old type will be deactivated in the future. For this reason, only keys of the new type are assigned for new installations.

Requesting an SAP License Key

You can find information about applying for an SAP license key in the SAP Service Marketplace under the alias /licensekey, and in Notes 767123 and 765620. 

Installing and Managing the License

How you import the license key into your system depends on the installation option of SAP NetWeaver. You can find information about installing, testing, and deleting SAP licenses in SAP License Procedure.

High Availability

In a high availability environment you also have to apply for the hardware key of the host that replaces the message server if this fails. For more information see High Availability Configurations.