Leaving a Worklist


When you log off the translation system, you keep the objects that are currently in your worklist in a personal worklist.

This saves system performance, and enables you to continue processing the objects that you fetched when you last called up a worklist.


Before you can reserve objects in a personal worklist, you need to have called up a worklist. For more information, see Calling Up a Worklist.



To keep objects in your personal worklist, and call them up again later:

       1.      From your worklist, choose Back (F3).

You return to the Initial Screen: Translation Environment in SE63.

       2.      From the initial screen of SE63, choose Worklist ®Standard.

The My Worklist: Parameters dialog box appears.

       3.       Make sure that the source and target languages, and the worklist number, are correct.

       4.      Make sure that the Reset Worklist / Reservation checkbox is not selected.

       5.      Choose Enter.


The system stores this worklist under your user name. The next time you choose Worklist ® Standard from the initial screen of SE63, the system branches to the same worklist that you were processing earlier.

If you reserve objects in your personal worklist, you should return to it as soon as possible to translate, and then remove the objects. No other translator can fetch or translate these objects while they are in your personal worklist. If you do not intend to translate the objects in your personal worklist, reset it so that other translators (with the same collection assignment as you) can fetch and translate them in their worklist.

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