Translating OTR Texts


The Online Text Repository (OTR) is a context-based text repository.


There are OTR short texts, and OTR long texts. You translate OTR short texts in the short text editor, just like any other standard short texts. OTR long texts are translated in their own long text editor, which you can access from the worklist in transaction SE63.

You can access OTR short texts directly for translation using the shortcut SOTR. OTR long texts can be accessed using the shortcut LOTR.

For more information on the translation transaction, see Quick Start for Translators.


Context Information

The following context information is displayed in the lower section of the OTR long text editor:

·        An up-to-date where-used list containing all of the objects in which the OTR text is used.

·        Existing translations into other languages.

·        Administrative information such as:


Ў        Package (collection)

Ў        Original language

Ў        First created by

Ў        Created on

Ў        Object type

Ў        Concept

Editor functions

OTR long texts are translated in their own editor with the following functions:

·        Pushbuttons to format texts (bold, italics)

·        Upload and download function for texts to be translated

·        Special functions for editing long texts with HTML formats:


Ў        Display preview of source or target text as it appears in the browser

Ў        Copy tags to target text (with or without source text)

Ў        Tag protection

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