Translating OTR Long Texts


You have accessed transaction SE63. For more information on the translation transaction, see Quick Start for Translators.



       1.      You can call up OTR long texts for translation as follows:

Ў        From the worklist

If you want to access an individual object, expand the node <LOTR> OTR Long Texts and double-click the OTR text object in the worklist.

Ў        Direct access

Choose Translation ® ABAP Objects ® Other Long Texts ® OT OTR ® LOTR OTR Long Texts, or enter the shortcut LOTR in the command field.

The system displays a dialog box that requires you to enter the technical name of the OTR object. Then choose Edit.

       2.      The long text editor for OTR long texts appears.

       3.      In the lower section of the editor, you can display context information, the where-used list, or other language information.

       4.      Translate the text. You have the following options:

Ў        To copy the entire source text to the translation window, click the Copy Source Text to Target Text icon.

Ў        If you only want to copy the tags to the translation window, click the Copy HTML Tags Only icon.

       5.      If you want to ensure that the tags cannot be changed, click the Switch On Tag Protection icon. If you want to change the tags, click the Switch Off Tag Protection icon.

       6.      If you want to see how the texts are displayed in the browser, choose Display Source Text or Display Target Text.

       7.      Choose Save.