Translating OTR Short Texts


You have accessed transaction SE63. For more information on the translation transaction, see Quick Start for Translators.



       1.      You can call up OTR short texts for translation as follows:

Ў        From the worklist

If you want to access an individual object, expand the node <SOTR> OTR Short Texts and double-click the OTR text object in the worklist.

Ў        Direct access

Choose Translation ® ABAP Objects ® Short Texts ® OT OTR ® SOTR OTR Short Texts, or enter the shortcut SOTR in the command field.

The system displays a dialog box that requires you to enter the technical name of the OTR object. Then choose Edit.

       2.      The system takes you to the short text editor.

       3.      Translate the text in the usual way.

       4.      Choose Save.