Performing Generic Text Searches


You can perform generic text searches for the objects in your personal worklist. Searches can be performed for the source text and/or target text. You can decide whether such searches are case-sensitive or not.


You have called up a personal worklist.




       1.      Call up a personal worklist in transaction SE63.

       2.      Choose the Find Text icon.

       3.      The Worklist: Find Text in Objects dialog box appears.

       4.      Enter the text you want to find in the Text field for the source language or target language. If you want to perform a generic search, use the placeholder *.

       5.      If you want your search to be case-sensitive, leave the Case-sensitive checkbox selected.

Runtimes for generic text searches that are not case-sensitive are considerably longer. If you want to find the source text Dokument, for example, and want your text search to find Dokument and Handelsdokument, search for *okument and leave the Case-sensitive checkbox selected.


The system performs a generic text search for the objects in your personal worklist in accordance with your search criteria. Objects that satisfy your search criteria are highlighted in yellow.

If you do not need these yellow highlights any longer, you can remove them by clicking the Delete Result of Text Search icon.