Quality Status


When you create a proposal, the system prompts you to assign a quality status to it.

There are currently five quality statuses. The quality status ID of a specific proposal appears on its left in the proposal pool. You can see the numeric value of the quality status by displaying details for the proposal. See Displaying Details for a Proposal.

Quality Status

Quality Status ID

Numeric Value

Flag for distribution


70 - 99

Standard quality status


50 - 69

Created by new translator


10 - 49

Not recommended for distribution


1 - 9

Deleted proposal



No quality status ID is displayed for exceptions. The numeric value of the quality status is zero. In the proposal pool, the  icon is displayed instead of a quality status ID.


If several application standards or system standards exist, the quality status determines which proposal is the best proposal. For more information, see Creating Multiple System / Application Standards.

If you want proposals to be copied automatically into translation lines in the short text editor, the system prompts you to specify the quality status as of which proposals are distributed. For example, you can choose to insert proposals into empty translation lines if they have quality status S or higher. For more information, see Distributing Proposals.


Your translator profile determines the quality statuses that you can assign. For instance, beginner translators can only assign quality statuses X and B to the proposals that they create. This makes it easier for coordinators to check the work of beginner translators.

Automatic distribution also depends on the quality status of proposals. When coordinators specify the object types for which distribution takes place, they also specify the minimum quality status of proposals as of which distribution occurs in each object type. For example, they can specify that only proposals with quality status A are distributed in the object type data elements. For more information, see Defining Distribution Parameters.


·        You create Save as a system standard for the source text Sichern. You want to assign the highest quality status to this proposal. If your translator profile allows, you should assign quality status A.

·        You create Translators as a system standard for the source text Ьbersetzer. You do not want to assign a high quality status to this proposal, because Ьbersetzer could also mean Translator, depending on the context. For this reason, you should assign quality status X to the proposal Translators. This prevents your proposal from being distributed in contexts where Translator is the correct translation.