Find and Replace in Target Text


This function enables you to find individual short texts in the short text editor, and then replace them with different texts. The system only finds and replaces texts within the object you have accessed.



       1.      In the short text editor, choose Edit ® Find and Replace in Target Text, or click the  icon.

This takes you to the Find and Replace in Target Text dialog box.

       2.      In the Find field, enter the sequence of characters you are looking for. In the Replace With field, enter a sequence of characters to replace the old one. If you enter a sequence of characters in the Replace With field, you must also select the corresponding checkbox.

You can determine whether the system starts searching as of the line in which you placed the cursor. You can also determine whether the search is case-sensitive or not.

       3.      Select one of the following search options:

Ў        If you want to confirm each instance of the search string before it is replaced, select With Confirmation. If you do not want to change a found search string, choose Find Next.

The system automatically starts searching for the next text that contains the search string you entered.

Ў        If you want to replace all instances of the search string at once, select Without Confirmation and choose Find.

The system replaces all of the character strings that satisfy your search criteria, and displays a message informing you how many times the character string was replaced.