Creating Multiple System / Application Standards


You can create several system standards in the proposal pool. This is useful when you require more than one translation for a source text, neither of which is domain-specific.

You can also create several application standards in the proposal pool. This is useful when a domain requires different translations for a specific source text.

Creating more than one proposal at the same level avoids the problem of having one system standard, and numerous exceptions / application standards that contain the same translation.

The table below contains examples of when you may need to create two proposals at the same level:

German Source Text

First English Proposal

Second Proposal Required











If more than one system or application standard exists, the quality status determines which proposal is the best proposal. The proposal with the higher quality status is the best proposal.

You therefore need to assign a higher quality status to the proposal that you want to be the best proposal.

If both proposals have the same quality status, but are of different lengths, the longest proposal to fit the space available in the translation line is the best proposal. If both proposals have the same quality status and the same length, the first proposal that the system finds is the best proposal. This turns the best proposal concept into a lottery! To make it highly unlikely that the best proposal concept is turned into a lottery and one of the proposals is distributed automatically as a result, assign quality status X.


Proceed as described in Creating Proposals in the Proposal Pool, but create both proposals at the same level and assign the required quality statuses to them both.


You are translating the German source text Parameter into English. In most cases, Parameter is used in the plural, but you know that the singular is sometimes required.

·        If you want Parameters to be distributed automatically, create Parameters as a system standard with quality status S, and Parameter as a second system standard with quality status X.

·        If you want to make automatic distribution virtually impossible, create both proposals with quality status X.