Translating PDF-Based Forms

PDF-based forms are written in XML. They are created using a third-party editor that is integrated in the SAP system. They are translated in transaction SE63 using a special editor.


PDF-based forms have been created in transaction SFP.


To translate PDF-based forms, you access them directly in transaction SE63:


       1.      Call up transaction SE63.

       2.      Enter PDFB in the command field.

       3.      Enter the name of the form or use the input help to select it.

       4.      Check the source and target languages.

       5.      Choose Edit.

A long text editor is opened. The source text is displayed in the upper window.

       6.      Enter your translation in the lower window.

Ў        The Copy Source Text icon enables you to copy the source text to the target text window.

Ў        The Technical Information pushbutton enables you to call up technical information on the form.

Ў        The Save as Local File icon enables you to save the translation as a local file.

Ў        The text that needs translating is displayed in blue. The tags, which do not need translating, are displayed in gray and read-only. Nevertheless, you must be very careful not to accidentally delete tags, either completely or in part (for example, by deleting an opening parenthesis.)

       7.      To save your translation, click the Save Object icon.


You have translated the form into the target language you selected.