Translation Status

The translation status indicates whether an object is new, translated, or modified. The status of an object is indicated by its color.

A line of source text can have one of the following translation statuses:

·        New

This source text is new and has not been translated before (the translation line is empty). New texts are highlighted in red.

·        Text match

This source text has been translated (the translation line contains a translation) and the translation matches a valid proposal in the proposal pool. Text matches are highlighted in green. For more information on the validity of proposals, see Proposal Pool Concepts.

·        Modified Text

This source text has been translated (the translation line contains a translation). However, the proposal pool does not contain a valid proposal for the current translation of this source text. This can happen in the following situations:

Ў        The proposal pool does not contain any proposals at all for this source text

Ў        A developer has changed the source text

Ў        A translator has changed or deleted the proposal that used to match the translation of the source text

Modified texts are highlighted in yellow.


In the worklist, the translation status and the number of lines with that status are displayed to the right of the object to be translated. In the short text editor, the translation status is indicated by the color displayed in the status bar. You can also see these values in the appropriate columns within the statistics.

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