Deleting Proposals in the Proposal Pool


You may need to delete proposals in the following situations:

·        You want to correct an incorrect translation in the proposal pool.

You do this by deleting the incorrect proposal, and creating the correct translation as a proposal at the same level as the proposal you just deleted.

·        You need to make terminology changes.

Again, you need to replace proposals with new proposals, as described above.

·        You want to reassign a proposal.

For instance, you want to turn an exception into an application standard.


To delete a proposal, you need to branch to the proposal pool for the source text in question. For more information, see Accessing the Proposal Pool.

If you delete a proposal that is still used as a translation (in other words, it has a usage counter higher than zero), this creates modified lines in objects for translation.

You therefore need to be sure that the change to the proposal pool is strictly necessary and justifies the extra work that it will cause.



       1.      In the proposal pool, call up the proposal you want to delete.

       2.      Choose the  icon to the left of this proposal.


The proposal that you deleted is removed from the proposal pool display. The system assigns quality status zero.

The system records deleted proposals. You can display this proposal again. To do this, choose Display Deleted Proposals. You can identify deleted proposals by their ID Z in the proposal pool.

If a translator tries to create a proposal that was deleted in the past, the deleted proposal pool entry is automatically displayed again as a warning.

If you display the details for a proposal that you deleted, your user name appears in the Last Changed by field. See Displaying Details for a Proposal.