Usage Counter


In the proposal pool, the usage counter displays how many times each proposal occurs as a translation in the objects currently relevant for translation in this system. In other words, the usage counter expresses how often this proposal occurs in the translation line in objects currently

The usage counter appears in the dialog box that appears when you display the details for a specific proposal in the proposal pool. See Displaying Details for a Proposal for more information.


You can use the usage counter to find out many times a specific proposal is used to translate the source text.

From this information, you can calculate how many modified texts you would cause if you delete or change this proposal. For more information on modified texts, see Translation Status.


The usage counter field is five digits long. In the unlikely case that a specific proposal is used more than 99,999 times, the usage counter displays only 99,999 as the number of usages.


You can display the usage counter for a specific proposal by choosing the  icon next to the proposal in the proposal pool. For more information on how to access the proposal pool, see Accessing the Proposal Pool.

The system updates usage counters during the evaluation run. Check with your system administrator, if you think the usage counters are not up-to-date.