Calling Up Related Objects


Related objects are objects with a technical reference to another object, such as all of the Screen Painter, interface, and report texts for the program SAPLABC, or the long texts that explain the function of data element XYZ.

You can generate related objects when you call up a personal worklist, or you can access related objects for a specific object in your personal worklist. For information on how to generate them when calling up a personal worklist, see: Accessing a Personal Worklist


You have accessed a personal worklist.



       1.      Call up a personal worklist in transaction SE63.

       2.      Position the cursor on the object for which you want to call up related objects.

       3.      Perform a right mouseclick on the object and choose Related Objects.


A dialog box appears. It contains all of the objects in the system with a technical reference to the starting object. You can edit the objects with a dark blue background, but you can only display the objects with a gray background. You can edit objects if the following criteria have been met:

·        The object belongs to a collection that is assigned to you for translation.

·        The object belongs to an object type that is defined for translation into your target language.

·        The object is not locked for translation.