Functions in the Fullscreen Editor


Unlike the split screen editor, the fullscreen editor provides you with various monolingual word processing functions. You can only see the target text in this editor.


To access the fullscreen editor, call up a long text for translation in the split screen editor and choose Translation ® Target Text ® Fullscreen Editor or simply click the Fullscreen Editor pushbutton.


The fullscreen editor works the same way as the SAPscript editor. For more information, see Getting Started with the SAPscript Editor.

We recommend that you avoid using the SAPscript PC editor. To disable the PC editor, proceed as follows:


       1.      Call up transaction SE80.

       2.      Choose Utilities ® Settings ® SAPscript.

       3.      Switch off the following checkboxes:

Ў        Graphical Form Painter

Ў        Graphical PC Editor


Before returning to the split screen editor, you must save all of the changes you have made to your long text in the fullscreen editor.