IMG Structures


IMG stands for Implementation Guide. The IMG structure contains documentation and activity texts for the Implementation Guide, which is used to customize SAP software.

For more information, see Implementation Guide (IMG).


Documentation texts in IMG structures have the object type Hierarchy Node Texts (SHI3). Activity texts in IMG structures are logical objects (TLGS). They are subdivided into Customizing IMG Activity (CUS0), Customizing Transactions (CUS1), and Customizing Attributes (CUS2). The object type Gen. Hierarchy Storage Extension Name (SHI5) is used for customer enhancements.


Transaction SIMGH enables you to display an IMG structure. You are required to call up a structure by using the input help function. The favorites function enables you to create a list of structures that you want to access frequently. You can also use transaction SPRO to display IMG structures the way end users see them.

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