Translation Performance Monitor


Transaction TPMO is a tool for monitoring translation performance. It displays information on activities performed in the short text editor in transaction SE63. Information is not displayed on activities performed in the proposal pool during translation in SE63, or proposal pool maintenance in transaction SLPP.

It is important to note that TPMO can only be used to monitor translation output, not the quality of the translations entered in the short text editor or proposal pool.

Translators can monitor their own performance. Coordinators can use the translation performance monitor to monitor the overall workload processed during a translation project by one or more target languages. You can display data on translation performance according to a wide range of criteria.


The system records translation performance data at regular intervals.

You can display translation performance data at any time according to different criteria.

The following functions are available to system administrators:

·        Schedule translation performance datasets

·        Undo translation performance datasets

·        Delete translation performance datasets


Before you can use the translation performance monitor, the system administrator must schedule the regular creation of translation performance datasets.

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