Translation Tools for Translators (BC-DOC-TTL)


SAP translation tools allow you to translate the majority of texts created in an SAP system.


The translation tools are fully integrated with the text editing and documentation tools in the SAP system.

Before you start translating, you should set the system up for translation. For more information, see Setting Up and Coordinating Translation (BC-DOC-TTL).

The graphic below lists the functions in the translation tools, and shows you how they interact with each other:


·        Transaction SE63

Transaction SE63 enables you to access the translation tools. You can also access individual objects for translation from the initial screen of SE63.

·        Translation statistics

The statistics function enables you to monitor the translation workload and translation progress. You can display the statistics in a number of ways. For example, you can display them for a particular translator, or for all of the collections in the system.

·        Personal worklist

You are advised to translate objects via a worklist. Worklists enable you to find and translate the objects that require a translation quickly and efficiently.

·        Proposal pool

The proposal pool is a database in which short text translations are stored. It enables you to translate short texts with a greater level of efficiency and consistency.

·        Short text editor

The short text editor provides a number of functions for translating short text objects.

·        Long text editor

The long text editor provides a number of functions for translating long text objects.