Configuration of BR*Tools


To get started with BR*Tools, you need to configure it.


·        You have made any required settings in the initialization profile. The default Initialization Profile init<DBSID>.dba is:

Ў        UNIX: <ORACLE_HOME>/dbs/init<DBSID>.sap

Ў        Windows: %<ORACLE_HOME>%\database\init<DBSID>.sap

Changes to profile parameters become active when you start BR*Tools.

·        You have set the environment variables when you configured the database:

Ў        Environment Variables (UNIX)

Ў        Environment Variables (Windows)

·        You are familiar with the directory structure:

Ў        Directory Structure (UNIX)

Ў        Directory Structure (Windows)

Process Flow


       1.      You configure the scroll line count for BR*Tools.

       2.      You configure the UNIX command at for BR*Tools batch functions.

       3.      You set the option to log displayed information for BRSPACE.

       4.      You check the effects of autoextend and resize on BR*Tools.