RMAN Backup Verify


The verification of backed-up data files or offline redo log files made with the BRBACKUP and BRRESTORE functions for verifying backups are also supported for backups with the Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN).


?      BRBACKUP can verify online or offline RMAN backups immediately.

?      A delayed verify with BRRESTORE can only be performed on the database host, when the database is mounted or open.

?      A verify with DBVERIFY is not supported for RMAN backups, since the Oracle block consistency is checked when the backups are made.


RMAN verifies save sets with the VALIDATE command, as follows:


       1.      RMAN reads the save sets from the backup medium to check their readability.

       2.      RMAN checks the internal consistency of the data in the save sets using check sums. No binary comparison is made with the originals.

We still recommend that you verify backups as often as before, that is, at least once in each backup cycle and every week if possible.

For more information, see Backup Verify and RMAN-Relevant Profile Parameters.