Backup Example for a Large Database

The following example shows how you can perform a large Oracle database backup:

·        Size of the database:

The size of the database is 400 GB.

·        Backup devices

The database backup is performed to locally mounted tape units. Four tape units are available in our example.

·        Throughput

The throughput of the backup is approximately 15 to 20 GB per hour.

·        Tape capacity

About 70 GB for tape units with hardware compression, assuming the average compression rate for SAP data, about 3 to 4 GB.

·        Duration

The backup should be possible in less than 10 hours overnight.

If the database can be backed up in parallel to four tape devices, then it can be completed within ten hours, using hardware compression.

Remember that scalability is restricted. This means that backup performance does not rise in proportion to the number of tape devices. Therefore, if you use more tape devices, backup time increases for each device.