Configuring the Scroll Line Count for BR*Tools


The BR*Tools character interface uses 20 lines for scrolling in lists. You can lengthen or shorten the display. For example, you can choose to use more than 20 lines for the scroll line count if your command windows have more than 20 lines.

This section is not relevant for the graphical user interface, BRGUI, where you can scroll freely.


The environment variable BR_LINES and the parameter scroll_lines in the initialization parameter file, init<DBSID>.sap, control the BR*Tools list display. For more information on environment variables, see:

·        Environment Variables (UNIX)

·        Environment Variables (Windows)


To select a different number for the scroll line count, set the following environment variable (operating-system specific) before you start BR*Tools:

BR_LINES <Number of lines for scrolling>