-f dfmove

This BRSPACE function  moves a data file. For more information, see Moving a Data File with BR*Tools.

Function options:

·        -c|-force: forces database shutdown for move

Default: do not force shutdown if a SAP user is connected

·        -d|-destination: specifies the destination for the move

Syntax: -d|-destination <sapdata_dir>|<sapraw_dir>

<sapdata_dir>|<sapraw_dir> specifies a sapdata or sapraw (UNIX only) directory

Default: none, since you must always specify the move destination

·        -f|-file: specifies the data file name

Syntax: -f|-file all_dfl|<file>|<file_id>|

all_dfl: all eligible data files (for example, from the specified tablespace)

Default: none, since you must always define the file name

·        -p|-parallel: specifies how many copy processes run in parallel to move multiple files

Syntax: -p|-parallel <count>

<count> specifies the number of parallel copy processes

Default: 1, that is, a single process

·        -r|-rawlink: defines the destination of a raw disk or a link to a non-sapdata directory. This is defined as follows:

Ў        For a raw disk, the SAP convention is to specify a softlink in the directory /oracle/<DBSID>/sapraw

Ў        For a link to a destination outside sapdata, such as to /oracle/temp, the new file is added as a symbolic link

Syntax: -r|-rawlink <link target>

<link target> specifies the link target

Default: no raw link

·        -t|-tablespace: specifies the tablespace(s) for which data files are to be moved

Syntax: -t|-tablespace <tablespace>|<tablespace_list>

Default: none, but you can specify data files explicitly with option –f (see above).