Database System Check


This section helps you develop an approach to checking the database system. By running regular checks of the database system, you can identify potential problems and take the necessary action. You can schedule regular checks in the Computing Center Management System (CCMS) of the SAP System, using the DBA Planning Calendar. You can also run checks directly with BRCONNECT.


For more information on how BRCONNECT performs database system check, see Database System Check with BRCONNECT. This is the same functionality as used in the DBA Planning Calendar.

Process Flow


       1.      You choose a method to run the database system check:

Ў        Regularly, preferably daily, by scheduling it in the DBA Planning Calendar – recommended for normal use

We recommend you to select an action pattern in the DBA Planning Calendar. Action patters enable you to schedule the database system check daily.

Ў        One-off by using the BRCONNECT command -f check – recommended for non-standard checks

       2.      You check the results using CCMS and take any necessary action:

Ў        You normally use the alert monitor to check the results of the system check.

Ў        For a detailed technical view, see Displaying Alert Messages from Database System Check.

       3.      If required, you configure database system check using CCMS. This includes activating or deactivating conditions and changing the threshold and severity levels (that is, error, warning, or exception). For more information, see Configuring Database System Check (Oracle).