This BRBACKUP command option defines the tape volumes to be used.

Input syntax: -v|-volume <volume>|<volume list>|SCRATCH

Default value: defined in init<DBSID>.sap
The length of the volume name is limited to 10 characters.

·        <volume>: Enter the volume(s) you want to use for backup. BRBACKUP checks whether the mounted volume (tape) has that name and whether the expiration period has expired. The individual objects in a volume list are separated by commas (only commas - no blanks).

·        SCRATCH: By entering the reserved name SCRATCH, you can mount any volume (whose expiration period has expired) for the backup.

If you want to use the standard volume(s) specified in parameter volume_backup of the initialization profile, do not use the parameter SCRATCH. In this case, the automatic volume management will cyclically select the volumes named in volume_backup and check whether their expiration period has expired. If a free volume (e.g. with expired expiration period) is found, you are prompted to mount it in the backup device (tape device). BRBACKUP checks the name of the mounted volume and makes sure the expiration period really has expired. The expiration period is configured with parameter expir_period in profile init<DBSID>.sap.

By using the reserved name SCRATCH, you can deactivate the automatic volume management. You can then mount any SAP volume. The program still makes sure that the expiration period has expired.

See Volume Management.

Parameters in init<DBSID>.sap: volume_archive or volume_backup.