In contrast to NTBackup (file backup) BRBACKUP is a backup program (online and offline) that was specially designed for the Oracle database. SAP recommends BRBACKUP for large databases, because it also enables you to back up individual tablespaces online when the database is running, using ARCHIVELOG mode. For more information, see Setting Up Archiving.

Offline redo log files can be backed up to tape using BRARCHIVE. You can restore a complete backup and offline redo log files using BRRESTORE.


BRBACKUP enables parallel backups to tape and disks. Some parameters in the initialization profile init<DBSID>.sap are specific to the operating system, as in the following example:

rewind_offline = "mt -f $ offline"

For more information about authorization checks, see Executables.


Make sure that the environment variables are set correctly. Create a file in which the correct environment is defined before you start BRBACKUP/ BRARCHIVE. This file is scheduled in the at job.

set PATH=%PATH%;d:\usr\sap\C11\SYS\exe\run
set ORACLE_HOME=d:\orant
set SAPDATA_HOME=d:\oracle\C11
brbackup –u / -c force <other options>

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