Database Analysis

You can use the Scheduler from Microsoft to schedule the creation of a check/analysis log, or enter the following command in the command line (example for using brconnect -f check):

at \\<host name> <time> check.bat

at \\ps0001 00.00 check.bat

The database must be active at the specified time. If the database is usually shut down, you can also schedule database startups and shutdowns, using the following commands:

brspace –u / -c force –f dbshut

brspace –u / -c force –f dbstartup

The check.batfile should have the following contents:

set PATH=%PATH%;<x:>\usr\sap\<SID>\SYS\exe\run
set ORACLE_HOME=<path>
set SAPDATA_HOME=<path>
brconnect –u / -c -f check

Make sure the path for BR*Tools is set correctly.

For file check.bat

set PATH=%PATH%;D:\usr\sap\C11\SYS\exe\run
set ORACLE_HOME=D:\orant
set SAPDATA_HOME=E:\oracle\C11
brconnect –u / -c -f check

To check any of the background statements that have been set, enter at in the command line.