Problems Printing PostScript Data


The printer only prints text, no graphics. The text looks as follows:


%%Creator: SAP-Strukturgrafik



%%DocumentFonts: Courier, Helvetica, Times-Roman




In this case, your printer is printing the PostScript data directly, and cannot interpret it. The printer must be PostScript-compatible! Check that this is the case and that it is properly installed. See General Hints for details.


No reaction from the printer.


Check that the printer is properly installed and connected. See General Hints for details.


There is a reaction from the printer at the start of output, but no printout.


The data may have been distorted during the transport and cannot be correctly interpreted. See General Hints for details.


The message "Output unit cannot be opened" appeared.



  • The system cannot locate the device where you sent the print request.

You have either entered a device that does not exist.

  • The system cannot open the path or file you entered.

You have entered an incorrect path or filename.

The system displays the device or path you entered in the brackets <...>. Check that the entry is correct.