Setting Options

The Options menu contains the following entries:

  • Marker type
  • Interval
  • Save current settings
  • Activate last settings

The actions you can perform using the above menu options are described in the following.

Setting a Marker Type

Choose Options  ®   Marker types.

You can choose one of the following marker types.

  • Framed
  • Inverted
  • With pick mark

Setting an Interval

You can choose from a number of time units for the graph display and the position indicator in the status line,

Choose one of the time units provided under Options  ®   Interval.

For example, it may be useful to set the time unit to Hour when you want to move an event block of a schedule.

The time frame line is located above the display area(s). It consists of an upper and a lower section. The time unit you choose appears in the lower section. The top section contains a more general time unit. For example, if your time unit is Day, the lower section contains days scaling, while the upper section contains months scaling.

Saving Current Settings

Choose Options  ®   Save current settings to save the settings you have made.

Reactivating Last Saved Settings

Choose Options  ®   Last saved settings to reactivate the settings you saved last.